BACA Events

BACA is pleased to announce the schedule of 2018 Showcases

BACA sponsors a series of performance showcases each year. These provide a wonderful opportunity for BACA members to perform before an audience of friends, family, and the general public while minimizing the setup of producing a show. Showcases have been popular and well-attended, and they offer singers the chance to take to the stage!

Each showcase lasts two hours and has places for five singers. Each singer will have their own 20-minute set. The singer chooses their own material, then rehearses it in advance with the accompanist for their evening. The fee to participate is $70, and you must be a current BACA member. The cost of rehearsal time with the accompanist is to be covered by the performer.

FPW - First Parish, Watertown
ATAC - Amazing Things Art Center, Framingham

If you are a BACA member and would be interested in participating in this program, or if you would like further information, please email Carole Bundy.

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